Thursday, October 2, 2008

This has been a busy week getting ready to leave for vacation early Saturday morning. We are going to Florida with Nathan's mom and Dad & Sister and Brother-in-law. (and Caleb) We got a great deal on a beach house through some friends of Rachel and Waynes. So we are driving out there early Sat. morning. Not looking forward to the drive!! But for the beach! I've never been to Florida or the beach, so I'm excited. Just hope it's a little warm.
Last weekend the kids and I went to my mom and Dad's. The kids are going there again tomorrow to stay a whole week with them while we are gone. My kids will (hopefully) do okay, but Mama and Papa will probably be beat come next Saturday. Mom babysits for 3 girls, not to mention my 2! I will miss them, too. So we shall see...........
Life has just been busy with babysitting, etc. I'm very tired, getting ready to leave wears a person out! Trying to get laundry all done, house cleaned.....stuff we all think "has" to be done.
Well, I will be posting lots of pictures later on I'm sure!! Look back in a couple weeks!


Constance said...

Have a great vacation. Looking forward to the pictures.

Tricia Grissom said...

Have so much fun!!! Vacation is the best! Can't wait to see the pictures!