Monday, October 13, 2008

About Vacation

We had a good time in Florida. The trip there was too long to describe! We got there on Saturday night around 9:00. We ended up leaving Friday and spent the night and drove the rest of the way on Saturday. It ended up being much, much better that way! Our time there was very nice. Our condo was very nice and spacious. It was three stories and we each had our own bathroom. We cooked some of our meals there and had a big breakfast each morning! We seen a lot of neat things. We went to SeaWorld, which was fun all except our getting "poured" on with rain! We went on to visit St. Augustine, which is the oldest City in the U.S. It was quite a city! Very interesting. A person could spend a week there alone. It's an attraction city, with lots of museums, tours, unique shopping, etc. They had beautiful churches to tour, and Mr. Flager's old hotels, which is now a college and other buildings built for him in his time. The history of this town is amazing and so interesting!
The only bad things about our trip was the rain! It rained every afternoon, most of those times we were physically affected!!:) But of a morning it was beautiful and most mornings we started our day by going straight to the beach!! What a way to start a day!! Very beautiful! Me and Nathan had some good times walking the beach alone and just enjoying it's beauty.
It was my first time to see the ocean and also Nathan's Mom's first time! (Which was hilarious but I'll spare her from hearing the story......again!!:) Needless to say it was the moment of the week and we teased her good over it.
We just had a good time and it was fun being together with family, too. Even if they do see how human we each are!!:) My sister in law is already on the go to plan another vacation...but maybe a couple years from now!! Sounds like a plan........
We are now home, after a long day of picking our kids up yesterday. They spend 9 days with Mama and Papa and we can tell!!! Today Savannah wasn't wanting to lay down and take a nap like I told her to and was crying around after I had to get on to her.........I finally asked if she missed Mama and she said "yeah"! I just have my work cut out for me for a few days! They aren't wanting to listen with the first command too well:) I'm sure they had lots of fun at Mama's and I'm sure my mom is ready for a break! It was very nice to be away for a few days though. I felt like a teenager dating all over again!! Walking the beach, walking down-town was nice.
Well, our week has started out quite great so far. I believe God is opening some doors in our lives right now and we are quite excited. We are just trusting him to work out his perfect plan. We truly are blessed to have a God that cares so much and knows how to open doors just when things seem hopeless!
Have a great week!

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