Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This week is messed up, tomorrow is already Wednesday!:)
We had a good time camping! Most of my family came out here and there to join in the fun! We camped with Troy and Christie (by brother and wife) Friday night and Saturday. It was nice to spend time with them, which we don't get too often. They keep busy with work. Christie's a nurse and Troy works as a deisel mechanic at night. We also was with my Mom and Dad and Aaron and Jill. And seen lots of other family. It gets lonely sometimes when you live away from them. You miss out on so much.
Anyhow. The Republican National Convention is on this week and I love staying tuned to the info!! I kinda like politics. Between politics, money and saving, and investing I'm all for it. That's the mature side of me!hee And I like news. Only if it's "aint" stupid. like global warming. come on.
The kids had a fun time with Mama and Papa. They were so wound tight it wasn't funny! Spencer did real well being away from me. He's never been away from me at night. He didn't even miss me!!:)
Nathan and I are excited about going on vacation to Florida with his side of the family. We have been offered a 3b/3bath condo on the beach for not a lot over $100 a couple for a whole week. That's a price not to pass up. I'm a little scared about leaving the kids or at least Spencer for that long. I know I would miss them, and they haven't been away that long. But we'll see. It's something we both want to do. It would be a lovely trip.
My brother won the Indiana State Pickin and Fiddlin contest on the Banjo! He is now the #1 Banjo Champion for Indiana. He is very good!
Nathan is cleaning up after a long day and working in the garage tonight! This is my week to babysit so I'm kinda tired out myself. The kids are fast asleep in their beds!
Hope everyone has a great week!

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Andrew-n-Hannah said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Camping is always fun. When are coming to Florida? Where are you going to be? Would love to come see ya if you're going to be near by!