Thursday, August 14, 2008


Our week has been going well. Just catching up on things here and there. And getting ready for company coming tomorrow. I have a couple friends that I grew up with coming up and we are having a girls day out. My mom is also coming to watch the kids! And Papa will probably be coming Saturday to see the kids, too! So I'm sure it will be a good weekend. Sunday night we are having the young people over to our house also, so that will be a lively time!hee They are already excited!:)
I will try to take pictures this weekend to blog about. I'm getting kinda bad about picture taking these days.
Well...have lots to do today. Laundry, ironing, cleaning, and I'm sure yard work before the day is done. Oh, and a trip to the grocery.....again. In some ways I would love to be banned from the grocery store for about a month! I feel I'm always going for something, even when I try to make out menus!! Although the menu thing is working pretty good for me. I buy less of things I "think" I may need for a meal. Helps to spend less money at the store.
Anyhow. Have a great day! And I will do my best!~

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