Thursday, June 12, 2008

Washer/Dryer At Last:)

Tonight I hear the sound of the washer spinning and the hum of the dryer going. It's music to my ears!! But I really don't look forward to getting up tomorrow, because my whole day will be doing laundry and I'll probably still not have it done. At least it seems that the set works fine. We went with the cheaper, older set we got off of our pastor. Bro. Dodrill always has something laying around if you need it!!:)
Today the kids were extra rowdy! By the end of the day I was exhausted. I don't know how many times little Chloe came into the room with her clothes off. She must think it's just more comfy that way?! Every time I turned around one of them was doing something they know better to do.......but at times I wonder!! Oh well, they are fun anyhow. The best thing I've found to do is sit down with them, read to them or say our ABC's!!ha It helps calm them down.
Thanks to Valerie (my neighbor) I was able to go to the grocery tonight. I was running out of things in the kitchen, since I haven't bought groceries since before camp. Also, her brother Andy and Sherilyn (just married) are having their Wedding reception here in town tomorrow night and I needed some things for my "Orange Salad" tomorrow night. I'm making it to help Sharon out. It's yummy, too!! So....I have my work cut out for me tomorrow. I pray these kids will act like humans tomorrow and not like monkeys! hee
I hear Hannah (md. Downer) had her baby girl today. Weighed 9lbs. something. Not sure the name. I'm excited for her.
Well, you all have a great weekend.
PS. To my husband: thanks for getting my washer/dryer all hooked up and going today! I know you would've gotten one even sooner if things would've worked out, too.

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Aytha said...

So glad you have a washer and dryer that work now! I know what a pain it is not to have's no fun. Laundramats are so nasty! I love the new couch, btw! It is awesome!