Thursday, February 21, 2008

Snowy Night!

It has been snowing all evening and the roads are already very slick! But the snow is very beautiful out there!! Although I am ready for some nice warmer days so I can get the kids outside! I don't mind the winter in that we get to stay in, read books, and have nice long evenings together! I love that part about winter!
Babysitting is going very well so far. Chloe is very good to keep. Of course we have our little "jealousy" moments whenever I about pull my hair out, but over all it's great. Savannah and Chloe have lots of fun together!!
I am still not feeling the best. My energy level is terrible. This morning after getting the kids down for naps, instead of finishing the laundry like I normally would....I just sit myself down on the couch and napped myself. I don't think I've ever had a round of cold/flu that's been so severe. My head is still messed up, but the fact that is just drains your energy is the worst. It's going around terrible around here though---I think everywhere!! But our church and school have been plaged with it!
My husband is still laid-off his job. It's kinda scaring me. We have no idea when work will return. For that matter, he doesn't even know where they will place him. I pray they don't want to place him somewhere farther away. I may not handle that very well!! I get lonely enough when he's gone for just 8 hours! I'm kinda enjoying having him around a little more (ok like all the time!!hee). I don't think he's enjoying himself near as much though. And in the winter, there's not much for him to do. Although he has a room he desparately needs to finish painting!!hint, hint. I remind him almost every day! It drives me nuts when something isn't finished. (I hope he reads this!!)
Well, may long day is done and I am enjoying relaxing tonight. I got a page scrapbooked, made two collages of the kids (to put on their wall!) and read my bible I feel as if this day has been a good one!! And our supper went very well, too. I tried 3 new recipies. 1. Chicken casserole. 2. Chocolate Pudding Cake. (which we did not need, but was extra good!!) 3. Bananna Bread (which is my favorite!) I had fun baking while the snow was coming down. Nathan said my meal was rather tasty!! Thank you dear. I'll have to give the casserole recipie later!!
So long and good night!

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